1. Tell us a little bit about your role at Examinetics, and how your role contributes to the overall mission of Examinetics.

As a Client Service Coordinator, my team and I are the "plate spinners" of operations. Our role is to partner with our clients and other Examinetics departments to determine the best logistical plan for completing all service needs for the employee population. This includes discussions regarding shift times, number of participants, when they work and assisting new program managers with the occupational health testing needs for individual workgroups - all to ensure smooth delivery of services. The CSC team also identifies the best options for resource deployment to complete regional schedule of testing, as well as communicating special instruction to ensure contracted protocols are met. 

2. What are the key skills necessary for success in your role? 

Organization and adaptability are the two key skills to be successful as a CSC. Juggling multiple responsibilities requires a high degree of organization and multi-tasking. Given the fact that even best-laid plans carry with them a degree of variability (thanks, Mother Nature) we have to be ready to act to find a resolution as quickly as possible to avoid any disruptions in serviceability. 

Take, for example, having testing scheduled in the upper Northeast when a blizzard is in the forecast. We have to work quickly to communicate with affected clients about potential shutdowns and rearrange travel for those regional technicians, both to ensure their safety and to keep working by sending them to another hub of business for the week. 

These occurrences highlight how adapting to a changing environment and being able to organize a swift plan of action is crucial to the success of both our business and the compliance of our clients. 

3. What's the most rewarding part of your job? 

I love it when a plan comes together. Truly, the most rewarding part of the CSC role is witnessing the lifespan of a job, from welcoming a new client to the completion of service and reporting. It's gratifying to know that communication at all levels with different departments helps our clients meet their safety and health goals. 

4. What projects are you working on currently?  

Along with maintaining the day-to-day of continuous scheduling and routing for our client and techs, I am currently working with our Client Engagement team to onboard a number of new clients. We are working closely with corporate IH facilitators to determine occupational health testing needs and build programs around the varied requirements. Being involved at the inception of a testing program is very exciting!

5. What advice would you offer to someone interested in becoming a CSC?  

The phrase "teamwork makes the dream work"  can easily be applied to the whole Examinetics team, the CSC role is a vital member. Be ready to think strategically and think out of the box. Be resourceful and always effectively communicate with the team. Most importantly, exceed both internal and external customer expectations. 

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