1. Tell us a little bit about your role at Examinetics and how your role contributes to the overall company mission.

As the Training and Development Manager, my responsibility is to lead the strategy and initiatives that deliver corporate solutions aimed at improving the skills and competence of our occupational health specialists.

In any company, the people are the key differentiator in pursuit of its mission. Our team takes pride in developing the people that are on the front lines of delivering our services. At Examinetics, we provide a wide variety of highly technical remote services. This is a tremendous value for our clients and it requires our field employees to possess specific knowledge and skills. The Training and Development team plays a critical role in developing the broad skills of our employees so that they are in a position to transform workforce health. 

2. How does your role contribute to the health and safety of America’s workforce?

Our team develops the people that influence and protect the health and safety of America’s workforce. For our largest group of employees, it begins with an extensive training program that prepares them to provide Examinetics' services. Even after their initial training, it is a journey that is never truly complete - we aspire for our employees to continually grow their skills and evolve with modern health needs.

By collaborating with stakeholders across the organization and our clients, we constantly seek to identify new opportunities to enhance knowledge and develop new skills.

3. What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

My passion is the pursuit of potential. I am fortunate that in my role I get to do this every day, and in a variety of ways. Foremost, I enjoy helping people develop skills that allow them to thrive. I enjoy collaborating with stakeholders to help develop processes that put people in a position to be successful. Implementing and analyzing data aimed at optimizing performance closes the loop and keeps us continuously improving. When aligning people, processes and performance, I believe you have the opportunity to find true potential.

4. What do you think is the future of workforce health?

In my opinion, there are two critical truths relevant to the future of workforce health: the most valuable asset to any company is its people, and you must embrace change anytime you are trying to impact behavior.

The future of workforce health will require organizations to prioritize their people by continuously seeking opportunities to improve their health and safety initiatives. I expect Examinetics will continue to be on the forefront of consulting with clients and delivering services that meet their evolving needs.

5. Considering your role and different experiences in your work, please share a personal safety and/or health tip that may be relevant for clients.

A common misconception is that our audiometric testing booths are, or should be, totally soundproof. Our field employees are trained to operate a sound level meter that monitors the noise during testing and compares it to OSHA allowable limits. In the event a limit is exceeded, the technician is notified and can pause the test until noise subsides.

This can be helpful to know so that safety managers and their participants approach testing expecting to hear some outside noise, and alleviate any concern that test results were negatively affected.    



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