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Onsite Examinetics Testing

Delivering Audiometry & Respirator Fit Testing to Your Worksite

Examinetics is America’s largest provider of onsite audiometry, respiratory fit testing and medical surveillance services. We employ over 285 employees, including board-certified physicians, occupational health specialists and hearing professionals. With a fleet of more than 100 mobile units, we provide what other health screening companies can’t – truly nationwide coverage, even in rural and remote locations.

By delivering occupational health solutions directly to your worksite, we greatly reduce the disruption, travel expense and labor cost associated with OSHA fit testing, MSHA regulations and other compliance obligations. Last year alone, we served over 2,800 clients at more than 11,000 client locations across 48 states.

Examinetics’ data management expertise is unmatched by rival health screening companies. Our cloud-based XM Solutions offers secure, easy-to-understand health data management. It can unlock the knowledge hidden within your data, helping you improve employee health while reducing financial liabilities. We can even benchmark across all of your work sites.


When You Need Insight, We Deliver Onsite

This potent combination of mobile capabilities and data analytics is something we call “Insight Onsite.” It forms the core of our competitive edge and sets us apart from all other health screening companies. As you weigh the many health screening companies on the market, be sure you select a partner who fully understands regulatory requirements, one that goes the extra mile for employee health, and one that will be here to support your company into the future. At Examinetics, we set the standard in audiometry and respiratory fit testing across the United States.

Learn more about how we can help you cut operating costs while keeping your employees safe and healthy.

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