As a safety professional, you find yourself attending to important issues for your company. Often, you must manage employees with chronic health conditions, deal with the loss of productivity surrounding off-site testing and overcome time and money loss due to frequent clinic visits. Moreover, you must juggle different vendors to stay compliant with various health initiatives. Shouldering these responsibilities can be challenging. 

A decade ago, NIOSH initiated a holistic & comprehensive program for safe and healthy work called Total Worker Health® to address these issues. TWH is defined as policies, practices and programs that integrate protection from work-related safety and health hazards with the promotion of injury and illness prevention efforts to advance worker well-being.

In other words, TWH programs provide equal care to employees' physical and emotional health, so they are in peak condition for work. Some of the programs and practices focus on lifestyle changes, such as weight loss or smoking cessation or installing vending machines with healthy food options.

Recently, Examinetics attended ASSP’s “Safety 2019,” one of the largest gatherings for the occupational safety and health industry. Included in the many session on various health and safety topics were several sessions on Total Worker Health, including its history, mission and future.

During one interactive session, safety professionals from various backgrounds discussed the various aspects of TWH using a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis. 

TWH graphic

Sessions on TWH can also found at other leading industry events, including AIHce and NSC Congress & Expo. TWH will continue to be an important topic for the safety industry. 

Examinetics' Workforce Health Solutions 

In a similar manner to TWH, Examinetics offers holistic and comprehensive services to its clients in a program that we call Workforce Health. 

Through our vast industry experience and collaboration with our clients, Examinetics successfully integrated safety compliance, health services and data management into one convenient service opportunity to help you manage your workforce and alleviate the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis.

We looked beyond occupational health screenings and created a holistic approach aimed at today's workplace.

Employers need the right partner that can offer all the key components needed to help ensure the workforce population remains healthy, safe and productive. We do this with:

1.     A proactive approach: With Workforce Health, we take proactive steps alongside you to keep you informed with the latest news in occupational health and up-to-date with OSHA regulations. For instance, Examinetics recently sent out a mass email to our client base regarding work-related evaluations. In short, it served as a call to action to keep employees safe and employer’s OSHA 300 recordables clean. 

2.    Mandated and elective programs: Workforce Health includes mandated and elective programs, which ensures your employee’s safety and health. Our Workforce Health solutions alleviate risks, track long-term health symptoms, and deliver comprehensive data to your organization.

Some examples of our Workforce Health solutions include:

·         Compliance services

o   Hearing testing

o   Respirator fit testing

o   Respirator clearance

·         Medical Exams

o   Silica

o   DOT


·         Health services

o   Chest X-Ray and B Reads

o   Onsite health screenings

o   Wellness exams

3.   Data insights: Our XM Solutions system provides transformable data into operational reports and analytics, which allows you to easily access reports and identify trends. XM Solutions includes employee test histories and trends, departmental facility-specific summaries and HIPAA-compliant data management securely situated in one convenient location. 

Case Study 

There is an old saying in management, which goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”  Recently, Examinetics assisted and reorganized a large, well-known company. Before Examinetics’ help, this company’s compliance program was disorganized and perplexing. 

For instance, the company was out of compliance in more than half of its locations, possessed limited data of health records, and had no appropriate governance or collaboration on health and safety protocols across its locations. This company asked Examinetics to be the single source provider to implement a health and safety program across their locations. During the onboarding process, Examinetics identified many deficiencies in their workspace programs.

Issues identified included:  

·         Approximately 25% of facilities were non-compliant.

·         Approximately 15% of facilities were non-cooperative.

·         Approximately 40% of facilities possessed random, non-manageable health and safety programs.

In the end, Examinetics organized, implemented and initiated health and safety programs across all their locations to give the company autonomy and control. Today, our client enjoys a constructive, efficient and effective workforce health program. 

What Examinetics' Workforce Health Solutions offers you! 

With Workforce Health, you have the resources and control to develop the health and wellbeing of your workforce performance. Instead of excessive spending, you can reduce absenteeism rates through cost-effective care management. No longer will your employees wait for hours at clinics all over town.

In environments large and small, we are here to serve you. Instead of juggling various vendors and drowning in stress, rely on us to be your partner in employee health. Our client engagement team and sales reps are eagerly waiting for your call! Contact us today and ask us how we can help. 



This is business-to-business information intended for EHS (environmental health and safety) professionals and not intended for the final consumer. Companies should check the local regulatory status of any claim according to their individual needs, requirements and intended use.