Each year, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World Health Day, an event to raise awareness of global health issues in the world today. It is also a time to promote holistic health—physical, mental, emotional and nutritional health. As the leaders of Workforce Health, we asked the Examinetics community for their health tips and advice. Please enjoy as we celebrate and share the importance of holistic health.

Physical Health

“I do something active every day for at least 30 minutes.” Tessa Held, Sales

“I have a Planet Fitness membership because they have branches all around the U.S. I workout 3-5 times a week to maintain my physical health to reduce stress.” Nosa Nwaonumah, OHS

“I sign up for road or trail runs a few times a year. Once I pay for the registration, it’s a motivator for me to continue to train so that I am ready for race day.” Jason Gregg, Marketing

“At work, if it's nice out, I'll try to get outside to walk around the building at least once. Otherwise, I'll take the stairs during the day to get some exercise.” Meghan Hartman, Client Services

“Occasionally…I will take a few minutes to do some stretching. I find this to be a good way to release stress and feel less stationary at my desk.” Skylyr Slavens, Training

“In the middle of the afternoon, I try to get out and do 3-4 laps around the parking lot perimeter to revive and refresh.” Cindy Bloyer, Audiology

“I spend a good deal of time working on screens, so I wear protective blue light filtering glasses to keep eyesight sharp and focused.” Zeke Willcox, Marketing

“I make sure to get up at least once per hour from my desk and move around.” Tami Thompson, Audiology

Mental and Emotional Health

“I start my morning early enough to enjoy a cup of coffee and some reflective time…. For my emotional health, I treat myself to a scented candle or a small bundle of pretty flowers each week.” Pam Mann, Phlebotomy

“Sometimes, I use my lunch break to read or listen to a podcast. This is something that I enjoy, and that mentally reenergizes me. Also, I am making an effort to be more positive. It’s something I am calling ‘Purposefully Positive.’ I put a reminder on my whiteboard so that I will see it each day…I regularly document three things I am thankful for. I find that this helps me retrain myself to look for the positive. This has a big impact on my mental health.” Skylyr Slavens, Training

Every morning and evening on my commute, I listen to books-on-tape for motivational, personal or business development. Additionally, to keep on track, I write goals or ‘to-do list’ for the following workday. It helps me jumpstart my next day with a plan. I also mentally note something I did well and something I could improve for my personal growth.” Tessa Held, Sales  

Nutritional Health

“Anytime I go to work, run errands or go out and about, I take a big glass of water to keep me hydrated and on track during the day.” Rebecca Haney, HR

“When traveling, I take a George Forman grill with me so I can cook my own foods, such as steak, chicken, seafood and roasted vegetables. It saves me a lot of money, I can eat what I normally eat at home and it provides me with healthier options. Also, you can take the grill on the plane with you! TSA doesn't stop or take away it away, even if you take spices with you.” Enrique Perazzo, OHS

“I have a mini blender that I travel with me, and I make smoothies with it.” Nosa Nwaonumah, OHS

“I keep a variety of healthy snacks on hand to keep in alignment with my nutrition goals.” Skylyr Slavens, Training

“I buy salads from Walmart. When I am traveling close to home, I will do meal prepping and take frozen meals with me. This allows me to eat healthily while saving money.” Regina Gilley, Field

“While at work, I vowed that I would never eat junk food or anything from the vending machines.” Tessa Held, Sales

“I typically start my day with a smoothie – almond milk, raw honey, bananas, strawberries and spinach or kale.  It’s a great pick-me-up and a great way to stay healthy.” Jason Gregg, Marketing

“I’ve been a big proponent of water for a while now. I’m an 'on the rocks' water guy myself, but I’ll take it however I can get it. You just feel better when you’re hydrated!” Jason Divis, IT


We are proud to have employees who prioritize health and live the Examinetics mission.

Make every day a Health Day!


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