At the National Safety Conference in Houston, Texas, it was easy to see that employers focused on the truly important details: the health and well-being of their employee population. Throughout the two-day conference, employers dropped by Examinetics' booth to discuss hearing testing, respirator fitness, wellness exams, mobile onsite health screening and more. With our experience and market data, we've noticed a growing link between productivity, absenteeism and overall workforce health needs.

To change the problems you face, we believe these concerns must be addressed today.

The problems you face today

Corporations are acutely aware of the high cost associated with increased rates of absenteeism due to chronic health issues and its crippling effect on productivity.

Currently, 84% of the nation’s $2.7 trillion in annual health care spending is spent on people with chronic and/or mental health conditions. These chronic health issues are the common thread in industries struggling with absenteeism, lack of productivity, and excessive spending.

The problems you will continue to face tomorrow

American workforces are steadily aging. By 2020, studies show that one in four American will be over the age of 55. With the aging employee population, chronic health issues also increase. Each year, heart disease, cancer and diabetes negatively contribute to lack of productivity and increased absenteeism.
To mitigate growing costs, employers shifted the costs healthcare to their employees. However, that tactic seems to have backfired. The heavy cost burden caused employees delayed or avoided care, therefore, worsening clinical outcomes, which negatively influences productivity.

With aging workforces, increased health care costs and epidemic levels of chronic health issues, American companies continue to experience significant challenges producing at desired levels of output and capturing the profit margin required to be successful.

The solution we have for you

While supporting your productivity and cost reduction goals, applying a holistic approach—a combination of wellness and occupational health—may be the best solution for your employees. Studies have shown that health and wellness programs can better stimulate health and disease prevention aid for 159 million employees across the U.S.

At Examinetics, we offer Workforce Health Solutions that consolidate services to support occupational health and mitigate chronic health issues. Our single source approach not only supports exposure and clearance requirements, but we also provide convenient wellness exams for the health of our client’s workforce. Specifically, Examinetics serves our clients through two distinct ways.

1. Compliance services

Hearing testing
Respirator fit testing
Respirator clearance

2. Health services exams

Silica, DOT, HAZMAT and other exams
Wellness exams

With combined technology and medical expertise to make your occupational health and medical surveillance programs complete, we've made the process convenient and reportable for you. Examinetics is primed to assist you with all your occupational health requirements while reducing absenteeism, preventing workplace injuries, potential regulatory fines and supporting your productivity goals.


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