Onsite Health Screening

Examinetics removes logistic barriers and delivers health screening onsite - wherever you need us.

Health screenings, such as biometric testing, are increasing in popularity among companies as a way to protect employees from health risks and keep the business productive and profitable. Our health services include Biometric Screenings and Health Risk Assessment (HRA).


Our onsite medical services come to you. You don’t have to worry about the lost productivity and logistical headaches that come with offsite clinic visits. All your employees can stay at your site, limiting downtime so your throughput goals don’t become an issue.


Highly trained and qualified professionals deliver the appropriate exams and tests to promote overall employee wellness. From onboarding to testing to results, you get health specialists and expertise from the company that has been doing occupational health for decades.

Our innovative health screening program includes options for:

  • Biometric screening:

    • Fingerstick or blood draw for a cholesterol & glucose test with readings on total cholesterol (TC), HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, TC/HDL ratio, and triglycerides
  • Blood pressure

  • Height/weight/body mass index (BMI)

  • Waist circumference

  • Hearing & vision screening

examining patients hand

Biometric screenings and HRA’s are key to understanding and mitigating risk for your company. Data from these services, anonymous and aggregated, is critical to learning about and understanding the health of your employee population. Our cloud-based platform provides a solution for data management and insights. With these insights and knowledge, you can identify strategies for improving health and lowering business cost.


Many health screening companies show up for testing and then leave you to figure out and interpret the results. At Examinetics, the post-screening experience is just as important as the rest - it is not just a day of testing. It is about engaging the workforce to assess risk for chronic diseases, encourage positive lifestyle choices and improve health outcomes.


After screenings, employees immediately receive a report of all their testing results. This report includes details of the tests that were performed and any high-risk issues found. Examinetics offers private consultation with at-risk employees to engage them in a strategy for improving their health.


Make biometric screening part of your corporate wellness program. Not only will you keep your employees healthy, but your business too - increase productivity, lower stress, reduce absenteeism, and decrease expenses related to chronic health conditions.

Help your workforce get on the road to a healthy lifestyle today with a comprehensive health management program.



All results and health data are always protected by HIPAA laws. 

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