What is the cost of workplace safety?

Without safety mandates, workers become injured and production wanes. Simply put—without occupational health and safety measures on the job— companies and people suffer. However, with an established culture of work safety, both productivity and people thrive. Not only are OSHA regulations fulfilled and absenteeism avoided, but people also remain safe from potential harm.

At Examinetics, we believe fostering a culture of safety strengthens the core of companies and their employees. To show our support of professional safety practices and the development of safety culture, Examinetics recently attended a Safety Summit, hosted by our client, Packer Sanitation Services, Inc. (PSSI).

The Conference

PSSI’s annual Safety Summit took place at a Marriott Hotel in Kansas City on August 14 and 15.
Safety representatives from companies across the states listened to expert’s lecture on occupational health and safety subjects—such as risk control services and OSHA retaliation laws—visited vendor’s booths, and chatted about their companies’ services. The objective of the Safety Summit was to arm attendees with knowledge, resources, and support for safety professionals in any company.

Todd Mitchell, Vice President of Safety at PSSI and host of the event, believes safety practices will thrive on job sites if companies acknowledge safety as a priority and partner together. “Everyone has the same goal of protecting his or her team members,” Mitchell said. “Together we are stronger, and together we can make a greater impact on safety throughout the industry.”

Examinetics services which support safety culture

From hearing conservation tests to respirator fit testing, Examinetics promotes safety through all of its services. Examinetics’ services support safety through:

  • Hearing conservation tests – With our hearing testing, we can help prevent noise-induced hearing loss, protecting and preserving the hearing of those working with or around noisy machinery. This allows workers to stay compliant with governmental regulation and sharp and alert while completing their duties.
  • Respiratory protection – Our respiratory protection programs allow for clean breathing and clear lungs for those working in and around dust, gas, or fumes. Ensuring the correct fit of a broad range of breathing masks is another example of Examinetics’ commitment to workplace safety.
  • Silica exams, DOT exams, Hazmat, and other compliance exams – By offering a myriad of compliance services, we assist in keeping employees safe and up-to-date with OSHA regulations.

From all of us at Examinetics, we’d like to thank those at PSSI for their passion and willingness to create a safe working environment for all employees. We support workplace safety and strive to bring the best services and occupational health and safety practices to our clients.

For more information about our services, visit our website at www.examinetics.com.



This is business-to-business information intended for EHS (environmental health and safety) professionals and not intended for the final consumer. Companies should check the local regulatory status of any claim according to their individual needs, requirements and intended use.