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As the coronavirus continues to spread, your workers’ safety is a top priority. Unfortunately, some work can’t be done from home. Many businesses need an at-work solution to help keep their workforce safe from spreading the virus. From lab tests to temperature screening, employers can create a comprehensive COVID-19 protocol to protect your workplace.



COVID-19 Express Testing

Examinetics offers several diagnostic tests to quickly identify SARS-CoV-2 so employers can determine COVID-19 status, get a complete picture of their employee health and effective actions can begin sooner. These onsite tests, administered by our team at your facility, alleviates the concern of resource constraints and eliminates clinic visits for your employees. Results are available 24-48 hours after lab receipt.

spit test

For a larger volume of tests, we are offering a lab developed saliva-based molecular test for quick and painless self-collection. Results of the test confirm if the virus is detected in the saliva of the individual.  Several studies have shown that saliva-based testing is just as accurate as nasal swab testing, even yielding higher sensitivity and consistency detection than other forms of testing.

With online registration via mobile device or laptop and fast kit collection, this option gives employers a convenient solution to identify the virus in symptomatic and asymptomatic populations.


Examinetics also offers other virus testing options with access to a respirator pathogen panel (RPP). For active infection, the virus test consists of an oral or nasal swab. The antibody test includes a blood draw to determine prior infection and potential immunity.

Blood Sample in a flask for analyzing in Hospital. Corona virus and producing vaccine. Corona virus outbreaking.

COVID-19 Symptom Screening Services

To address concerns about transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus within mission critical facilities, Examinetics is providing screening and surveillance services with a protocol tailored to your specific requirements. Typical protocols include a temperature screening and a risk factor questionnaire.

Screening is provided by our trained Occupational Health Specialist technicians. We can provide this service at your facility 24 x 7 as needed.

• Almost 200 OHS technicians across the U.S.

• Ideal for food manufacturers, energy and utility services, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical industry, construction sites and other essential services

• Experience with coronavirus screening since start of pandemic

• Overseen by our Chief Medical Officer

If your workers wear respirators on the job, we can help keep your team safe and compliant with our respiratory protection services. 

We offer quick online respirator medical clearance questionnaires to ensure your workers are fit to wear a respirator. See more information here.

We also offer respirator fit testing to ensure your team gets a proper fit from their equipment. Learn more about protecting your workers with fit testing here

This service is resource intensive and we may not be able to fulfill all requests, due to high demand.  

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