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Blood Pressure Test for Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Material Medical Clearance

Due to the hazardous nature of their work, employees in the line of danger are required to undergo medical clearance tests. Examinetics’ experts administer test protocols approved by a physician board-certified in occupational medicine and follow-up exams to enhance employee safety, ensure regulatory compliance and help mitigate employers’ risk. Our services include:

  • Physicians’ examinations
  • Clinical tests
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Medical clearances
  • Proper forms and documentation
  • Physicians’ written opinions

Why Examinetics?

We are the largest provider of onsite occupational health screening and data management in the United States. Last year alone, over 2,800 clients asked us to provide screening services at over 11,000 sites across the United States. We employ over 285 employees, including in-house audiologists, OHNs and other occupational health specialists, and our fleet of 100+ mobile units has national reach.

  • Experience
    • Serving clients since 1968
  • Breadth of Coverage
    • 100+ mobile units, servicing 48 states
  • Unique Value of Onsite
    • Minimization of productivity loss
    • Mitigation of risk associated with employees leaving site
  • Access to Qualified Personnel
    • Programs subject to credentialed medical oversight
    • Physicians board-certified in:
      • Occupational Medicine
      • Preventative Medicine
      • Radiology (ILO U/C B-reader)
      • Cardiology
    • NIOSH, CAOHC & ARRT certified personnel
  • Nationwide Standardization
    • Testing Protocols
    • Test interpretation and reporting
    • Pricing
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Secure web-based reporting
    • Incorporation of results from local clinics
    • Incorporation of results from in-house testing programs
    • Incorporation of results from multiple clinic networks
  • Comprehensive Compliance
    • OSHA
    • DOT
    • FRA
    • MSHA
    • NRC
    • HIPAA
    • ADA