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Mobile Fit Testing Center

Your Go-To Resource for Hearing Screening & Fit Testing

At Examinetics, our mission is to promote occupational health programs that improve employee wellness and productivity.  Whether your company has single or multiple sites, we offer a full spectrum of mobile occupational health services. From respirator fit testing to mobile audiometric tests and hearing conservation to full physical examinations, we’ll keep you compliant and help minimize regulatory burdens.

Data management and reporting are key components of our service. We will create benchmarks across internal worksites or within your sector as a whole. It’s all designed to deliver operational insight. At the heart of this data management service is XM Solutions, an easy-to-use, secure online data management system.  XM Solutions has a wealth of options to simplify data management, analysis and reporting.


Our benchmarking capabilities and data management expertise can make a huge impact on employee health, safety and regulatory compliance. Our proprietary analytical tools can unlock the critical information hidden in your data. We’ll deliver valuable insight to help optimize your operations.


Our efficient fit testing and hearing testing will deliver significant savings for your business. For clients with multiple worksites, we ensure consistent testing at every site.

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