Portable Hearing Testing Using a Handheld Audiometer


In the past, occupational hearing testing was limited to a few methods. There are hearing testing companies such as Examinetics who bring a mobile unit (truck, van, or trailer) direct to your parking lot which offers great convenience but is not without a couple drawbacks. The alternative was sending your employees to a clinic, which is a huge disruption to your business operation. Lastly, inhouse audiometric testing was only done by large companies with sufficient resources to dedicate to their testing efforts.


Today, boothless hearing screenings provide companies with a more flexible and less expensive option for employee hearing testing. Tablet audiometers, such as our Salux™ solution, are portable hearing test equipment that enable self-directed hearing screenings for safety managers and occupational nurses looking for more convenient ways to stay compliant with regulations.


These modern hearing conservation screening tools are available in many forms, including subscription and rental models. You get the best of all methods of testing:

  • Flexibility to test on the schedule you want
  • Ability to test all your employees...no more struggling with missed tests, retests, and new hires
  • Convenience of onsite testing eliminates clinic visits and the disruption to business operations
  • Save money since renting equipment is often less expensive than other options

Our Salux hearing test device is the only hearing testing and training solution designed by a hearing conservation company for safety managers and occupational nurses to meet the specific needs of regulatory compliance.

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salux audiometric device

Salux puts a complete testing system at your fingertips

Salux is a complete solution to test, train, report, and upload data. The unparalleled technology has unique benefits for do-it-yourself testing, while providing all the supplementary requirements you are used to receiving from your hearing testing partner.


Salux is a turnkey solution, with hardware and hearing test software combined to create an easy and seamless process. Salux has a training video to meet the requirements of OSHA 1910.95 (k), a tele-technician live chat feature, options for 12 languages, plus many more customizable settings. Data management is instant and seamless, as soon as you test, results are in our XM Solutions client portal.


Plus, this isn’t “DIY” testing...you get the full support of the Examinetics team. You have access to our in-house team of audiologists for review or questions, plus work-related evaluations. And our dedicated support and set-up team is available Monday through Friday 7:00AM - 7:00PM.