For safety professionals, comprehensive data is essential to compliance efforts and workers’ health. And our data experts help you translate the information you need into the results you want. Data management is now easier than ever with consolidation and access to all of your compliance-related tests and results.

You have the ability to manage and view your data by departments or facility, elevating your ability to articulate your wins and pinpoint areas of concern to your executive team. Data is a versatile and beneficial tool, at all stages of your testing program.

XM Solutions Client Portal

XM Solutions is the client portal where your results are stored, that allows you to view and export a variety of reports. 


You Can Rely on Examinetics for Data Security

Examinetics has achieved SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, verified by an independent CPA firm.

You want to have confidence in the partners that host your data. And we want to show our clients the commitment we have to their data security and privacy. We have undergone the steps to achieve SOC 2 Type 2 compliance after a 12-month third-party examination - demonstrating the essential controls are in place to protect your data.

Before you select a partner for occupational health, ensure they have taken the additional steps to give you peace of mind around data management. Examinetics has made the commitment to our clients and partners to protect and maintain the privacy of your data. We will continue to stay on top of the evolving compliance needs of our partners to give you the assurance you need.

Data > Information > Insight

Through our technology, data is transformed into operational intelligence, allowing you to easily identify trends in your workforce. XM Solutions gives you the power to drill into your data with various report options, elevating your ability to articulate your wins and identify areas of concern.

Our secure data management:

  • An intuitive interface
  • On-demand access to data
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Flexible permissions
  • Secure information storage
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Convenient Access To Data

You have access to the results of your hearing conservation program, and respiratory protection program with our on-demand data platform. Access your company’s results on your time, around your busy schedule. With 24/7 access, you can see your results when it suits you.

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Dynamic Reporting Options

With various options for reporting, you can see your employee results by company, division, department or facility over any time period you choose. The granular analytics allow you to stay up-to-date with the current state of health of your workforce.

XM Solutions offers a broad variety of available reports from statistical summaries and trends to specific medical clearance reports. The popular “Shift Follow-up Report” is an example of an actionable report for a hearing conservation program, designed to keep safety managers aware of any red flags.

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Flexible Platform

By consolidating all your data, you get robust options to control access and schedule reports. Permissions are scalable so you can see everything, while HR can get only participant rosters and Accounting can be limited to a single financial report. However you choose to allow access, XM Solutions is the solution.

Data from Your Headquarters to Local Site Managers


Corporate HQ

Oversight of all functions with macro view of corporate intelligence

xm solutions

XM Solutions is ideal no matter your role

local site managers

Local Site Managers

Manage your site’s health, compliance, and safety on your terms

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Data Management and Compliance

Staying compliant with regulatory standards can be complex. Having data at your fingertips provides records to keep your business in the know about employee health and upcoming testing needs.

Data management is a key component of planning your compliance initiatives and fits seamlessly into each part of the testing process.

How data management supports your testing program


Having a holistic view of past testing can set you up for success when planning your next testing event. Using your client portal, XM Solutions, allows access to views of new hires, health statuses, and outstanding data. This information provides a look into who needs to be tested and by what date, to plan the most efficient testing schedule.

One of the most essential actions you can take during the pre-testing stage is creating a demographic feed. From new hires to marriage to changing health status, the status of your workforce is constantly shifting.

During testing

The flow rates during your day-of-testing can be significantly sped up by providing demographic data ahead of time. Without this pre-work technicians provide paperwork to collect this information, which is later backfilled into your client portal. This data can have errors due to handwriting interpretation and might need additional oversight. Data is always cleaner when the input is coming directly from the original source.

Post testing

After testing is completed your data will be uploaded to XM Solutions. Are there certain workers, jobs or departments that are having a high STS rate? How about an increased otoscopic issue? Do your workers need more hearing protection? With access to detailed information on the status of your workforce, you are in control. 

XM Solutions provides important post testing information:

  • Actions steps for follow-up: What employees need attention and what steps they should take
  • Usable reports and analytics including:
    • Employee statuses
    • Audio shift reports
    • Near shift reports
    • Flow rates
    • Efficiency summary
    • Percentages of workers being tested

Insights from your data helps you pint point hotspots to address to take preventative action and stay on top of your testing schedule keep your business and workforce healthy and in compliance.

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