1. Tell us a little bit about your role at Examinetics, and how your role contributes to the overall mission of Examinetics.

I am the Data Control and Processing Supervisor at Examinetics. My team and I handle the data that comes from the field after testing at our client's sites. We process the data, ensure its integrity and get the reports back to the client. Our role is an important one as our clients expect their data to be promptly reviewed and processed. It is our mission to ensure we meet our deadlines and provide quality customer service to all of our clients. 

2. How does your role contribute to the health and safety of America's workforce?

For our clients, compliance is a must, and Examinetics provides the testing and services our clients need to keep their workforces healthy and safe. I play a small part in making this happen. 

It is the responsibility of my team to review, maintain and ensure the integrity of our client's data. Through our XM Solutions platform, we provide our clients with the reports they need regarding the health of their workforce. This allows them to ensure their compliance with the standards of occupational health rules and regulations. 

Examinetics' clients appreciate our hands-on approach that delivers quality data services. 

3. Tell me about the benefits of XM Solutions. How does it help our clients? 

XM Solutions provides an environment that transforms data into usable reports and analytics. It is a robust platform with dynamic reporting and flexible access. Clients can customize their reporting in many ways and can easily pinpoint areas of success or concern. 

It is an extremely valuable tool for our clients as it gives them instant access to all reports needed to ensure they are in compliance. The client can review data, ensure its accuracy and run specifically built reports - like the statistical summary for all employees tested - easily obtained through XM Solutions. Not only does it save time, but it also gives the client a hands-on approach to managing their data. 

4. What's your favorite aspect of your job? 

My favorite aspect of work is my team and the other people I work with at Examinetics. My team is very passionate about helping one another. When the workload suddenly increases, the team is always quick to lend a hand to help out. My team is amazing, and you are only as good as your team. 

5. What do you think is the future of data management in the health industry? 

Data management, like all things, will continue to evolve digitally. New technology will soon take the place of hardcopy reporting, even at digitally averse workplaces. However, the human aspect will always be necessary to ensure the programs are working properly. The best quality control is real people checking on the processes and procedures for all data, using human intuition and insight. 

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