I highly recommend Examinetics. The service has been excellent, and we have been extremely satisfied with them being able to accommodate our scheduling. Once the technician arrived on site, he was very professional and knowledgeable about everything he was doing.

Vicente Marchan Jr.

SHE Specialist


I appreciate the coordination with the tech who services our account and the quality of the reports we receive. The access to reports in the Examinetics system is especially useful. Any contact we’ve made with the company has always been handled professionally. It’s been a pleasure working with this company.

Neal DeNisco

Safety Manager

AltaGas Ripon Energy Inc. 

The facility transitioned to Examinetics as a result of a recommendation made by a sister facility. I was not disappointed. Some things I appreciated:

- The quote was timely and within expectations

- The initial registration process was seamless

- The online info submittal was appreciated 

- The testing technician and van were at the scheduled time, and testing commenced on time

- The technician was prepared and professional 

- The equipment was clean and sanitized before each team member's use

The facility will continue to work with Examinetics. I recommend Examinetics to those looking for management of various fitness for duty assessment, such as audiometry and respirator fit testing. 

Steven Brussee

Senior Manager of Environment and Safety


Examinetics has partnered with my company CertainTeed for many years now regarding our Hearing Conservation Program. All I have to do is make a quick phone call or email at the beginning of the year, establish a schedule with my employees and Examinetics handles the rest! They take care of the sign-ins, training, testing, re-testing if necessary and then hand me a neatly organized binder with all of my hearing conservation documentation ready to review. The binder is arranged by sign-in sheet, any standard threshold shifts (STS’s) next, and finally the results of every employee!  Having 300 employees, this makes my annual hearing conservation requirements - stress-free! Lastly, I have always been impressed with the professionalism of the Examinetics staff and equipment, including the on-site technician and the mobile lab. I plan to use Examinetics for the remainder of my EHS career!

Kenneth Smith

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

Baillie Lumber Co.

Examinetics was very easy to work with the initial email to the scheduling of our appointment time and all subsequent emails. Upon arrival, the examiner was very professional and patient while we organized the employees. He was very proficient and didn't interrupt our production schedule. We will use Examinetics each year and encourage other companies to do so. 

Molly Harr

Office Manager

Magna-Power Electronics

Our experience with Examinetics was nothing short of perfect. We've used Enviromed in the past, and I'm happy to report our trust in Examinetics is just as strong. The technician showed up early, set up the mobile unit and was able to test all our employees in a timely fashion. He was professional, knowledgeable and courteous to our employees. The process from to schedule our appointment to obtaining our test results was great. I would recommend Examinetics to any company looking for quality hearing testing and competent technicians to complete the job. 

Ryan Roberts

HR Director

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation

I have been working with Examinetics for the past six years. Everyone we interact with at Examinetics has been accommodating and supportive. If I have questions, they are answered quickly. All of the staff members I have interacted with either personally or via telephone have been pleasant and knowledgeable. The Examinetics team is professional and respectful. It is a pleasure to work with this company. 

Kartina Doerr

HR Manager

Bimbo Bakeries 

Every year, Examinetics is the main event at our safety week. They are very accommodating and helpful in every way. From coordinating schedules, to constant communication and helpful follow-ups, I have never had a bad experience with them. The service coordinator and occupational audiologist that we work with are fun, kind and make the whole experience a lot less stressful. Thanks for all your help!

Megan Breazeale

HR Generalist

Samuel Roll Form Group

I would like to thank Examinetics for coming to our facility to assist our company with hearing exams. It is important to be aware of the risks and possible safety issues that can come with working in a manufacturing environment. We greatly appreciated that Examinetics could come to our location and handle all of our health testing needs. Keeping our employees safe and healthy is always our top priority. 

I have had experience with several audio testing companies, and getting them to come to our facility in a timely manner can be a challenge. However, that was not the case with Examinetics who were ready to test our employees in just a few weeks. This has typically taken several months with competitors. On top of that, the customer service, provided by Client Service Coordinator Meghan Hartman, was second to none. She went above and beyond to ensure all our needs were net. Overall, the experience was fantastic and the services were timely efficient - they were able to get nearly 200 employees tested over three different shifts in just two days. We look forward to using Examinetics for all our future health testing needs. 

Sue Kay

EHS Coordinator

Clarion Boards & Clarion Laminates

I have used Examinetics at another company I worked for two previous times and have been very satisfied with the service they provide. When I arrived in Clarion, I received numerous complaints about the annual hearing testing company being used. I recommended using Examinetics. After, I received numerous comments from the employees on how the annual hearing testing process was much better this year.

The technicians are very professional and easy to work with. The vans are extremely clean and well organized. During the testing, there were no interpretations; the technicians kept the process running very orderly. Employees' wait time was very short between testing, which is very important when you are taking employees away from their duties. I would highly recommend Examinetics to other companies from their annual hearing testing. 

Stephen Housler

EH&S Manager


We have used Examinetics for over a decade to conduct our audiometric and respirator fit testing. They always exceed our expectations in service, correspondence and reporting. Their coordinators are professional, respond promptly and are always willing to work with us on scheduling that best fits our needs. The field specialists arrive early to set up. They are knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Finally, the reports we receive are thorough, organized and timely. They provided the necessary details bundled in a labeled binder and retained a history of our results on an easy-to-use website. We are pleased every year with the quality Examinetics provides and will continue to use them. 

Josh Malchow

EHS Coordinator

Builders FirstSource

I am extremely happy with the service we receive from Examinetics. Their visit is very well planned out before they arrive and everything goes as planned. The very best thing is their excellent communication. I know what to expect and when to expect it. I hope to remain one of their customers for a very long time.

Bobbie Wells

Office Manager

Precision Pulley & Idler

I have worked at PPI for 13 years, and every year Examinetics does a superior job. From the scheduling process to the technicians that come out, everything goes smoothly. They care not only about the visit itself but the whole experience. I give them 5 STARS!

Alicia Pearsall

West Coast Service Center Manager

Rinker Materials

We have had a great relationship with Examinetics. Each and every employee we have met and spoken with has been professional, and all our appointments run on time. They always keep in touch with us to make sure that everything is up-to-date and that we are scheduled to meet our compliance requirements and needs. We appreciate the people there and look forward to continuing the use of their services. 

Charles Whitten

Quality/Safety Manager

Wells Excavation/EOG Resources

I have had the privilege of using Examinetics for four years now and I have not had any issues during our testing and/or with Examinetics employees. The time for the testing of our employees is prompt and very accurate. An explanation of the testing is always given to employees prior to and at the end of each testing procedure. The Examinetics team is prompt and every question is always answered (no matter what it is) with a kind and courteous answer. The Examinetics company should be proud to have such knowledgeable and caring employees.

Anselmo Fernandez Jr.

Safety Manager

A&A Machine & Fabrication

Examinetics makes it very easy for my company to have hearing and respirator fit testing every year. They come onsite set up shop, and my employees are usually in and out of hearing of fit testing with 20 minutes. They provide the material needed beforehand so they can have it prefilled-out so it makes for easier process the day of. Also, if the employee had testing in the past, the information is prefilled out for them. All they have to do is fill in the medical questions and then they are tested. It's a great convenience to have them here onsite as it saves the company time and money!

Whitney Ziegler

HR and Safety Manager

Flowers/Tuscaloosa Organic Baking Co. 

I have been using Examinetics for a long time. They are by far the most professional, reliable and easiest company I have ever used for hearing testing and training. They work around our schedule with never an issue, and when they're done I get the reports that day already in a binder. If we have employees that need retesting, they're retested then. Our employees like that they get their results right then and most of all, that the unit is air-conditioned. Thank you to the technicians that have been here before. Y'all do an awesome job!

Johnathan Mize

ESS Manager

Alan Baird Industries

I have worked with Examinetics several times, not only at this company but at a previous one. I have used their services for audiometric testing and also respirator fit test. The customer service is great, the technicians are very helpful and scheduling a visit is very easy. They provide all paperwork way in advance so your employees have time to complete it before their visit. I have always been very satisfied with their services. I recommend them. 

Ines Restrepo

HR Manager

Superior Paving Corp.

We have been using Examinetics for four years now to perform our respiratory fit testing and our audiometric testing. Every spring, they send a technician to spend the week with us performing our testing. Each year, we are more impressed than the previous. The technicians are professional, polite and quite familiar with the task at hand. They are highly educated, humble and completely qualified to provide these services. By the end of our week of testing, they actually feel like one of our own employees. 

Todd Atkins

Director of Safety

Cherokee Nation Red Wing

We started using this service a couple of years ago. Before this, I had a hard time getting our employees to the local clinic for hearing and respirator fit testing. Now the van just pulls up for eight hours at a time, and our employees take about 15 minutes out of their time to take the hearing and about that for the respirator. A full report in a nice binder is given to me prior to them leaving. The process and the company could not be any better in my opinion. We even save about 50% on the services compared to sending individuals to the clinic. 

Bill DeLaigle

Aviation Safety Manager

Meadow Gold Dairy

Very smooth process. The technician, Manny Rosales, was very good to work with. He was able to rearrange the schedule to correct a last-minute error in scheduling. He communicated with me constantly and made the process very smooth and efficient. 

James Rogers

EHS Manager

Columbia Machine, Inc. 

Our most recent visit with Examinetics onsite mobile annual hearing testing was outstanding. The technician was very professional and courteous. Everything was smooth and stress-free. This is why we have used Examinetics for over 20 years at our facility.  

Kevin Litterell

EHS Director

Foam Fabricators

Examinetics had provided great services by being on time and with timely testing schedules as well! Their customer service is courteous and provides excellent services,  and I would recommend continued each year. They follow-up each year two months prior to your next testing due date. I would strongly recommend their service to any company. I rated them 5 out of 5 for services and billing. Their hearing reports are produced on the same of testing and invoicing with 24 hours. Great organization to work with!

Robert Sharra

Plant Manager

Germains Seed Technology

Examinetics is our company of choice for our hearing exam, and we have been extremely happy with the service. They are easy to work with, stay on of the timelines and handles everything. The techs that come onsite are always very professional, helpful and do a great job. I'm very blessed with the reports that they give, and it's great that they leave them with you before they go. No waiting! It easy to get follow-up help when I've needed it. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is busy and doesn't want to spend time handling it...they do it all for you!

Janet Bryan

Human Resources Business Partner

Nestle Waters

Examinetics is a first-class company. I received a call a few days before they were to show up at my factory to review the plan, determine the time to start and the expectation from my team. The execution of the plan was flawless. I would highly recommend this company for your testing your associates' hearing.

David Turner

Factory Manager


We use Examinetics and it's always a very easy and undisruptive process. From the team that helps with the scheduling to the driver that comes out to your location, they are all very nice and helpful. The process is very easy, and the team is very professional. I would highly recommend using this company for all your hearing conservation needs. 

Shannon Royer

Trans Supervisor

Viavi Solutions

The services I've received from Examinetics is exemplary, from scheduling to testing. I can always rely on the technicians to be punctual, prepared and professional. 

Lisa Smallcomb

EHS Specialist

South Georgia Pecan Co. 

We have used Examinetics twice in the past six months, and we have been impressed with the support they have provided. The technicians are efficient and well equipped to handle the large number of plant employees we send through the testing. The end result is, we get our employees tested with minimal impact on production. We look forward to our next round of tests for our employees with Examinetics. 

Steve Dale

Director of Human Resources


Hearing tests are never fun and can be a real struggle, but the Examinetics technicians made it easier than in any year in the recent past.  I’ve been doing these for 18 years with Examinetics conducting our tests, and this went so smoothly. The technicians contacted me the week before and gave me step by step what they would need. I’ve done these for lots of years and knew the process; but if someone didn’t, they put everything in writing to make it easy to make sure that the plant would be ready. Both technicians were great - worked with us on schedule, moving people around, etc.. This was one of the easiest, best-conducted testing experiences that I’ve had in several years.  They were so professional, friendly and kept on schedule, even when the truck had a few issues with wi-fi.  They never missed a beat.

Becky Ashbrooks

Safety Manager

Harris Waste Management Group Inc

Examinetics, in my 14 years of doing business with them, has proven time and again that their professionalism and attention to detail distinguishes them from the rest. They are willing to work around my schedule, arriving prepared, courteous and gracious with my personnel, as well as answer any questions and provide services. They have proven that they do not only want our business but our partnership; doing what is needed to keep us in compliance and attentive to the special needs of our plant and employees. 

I know it's not just the technicians that are on the mobile units providing the testing, but a culture within the company that produces that customer-oriented personnel it has on staff. I appreciate the consistency of the customer care they provide, no matter who it is or dealing with Examinetics, I know I am getting top-shelf service for budget cost. Thank you all at Examinetics for making me look like a pro!

David Soto

Environmental, Health & Safety Director

Braun Industries, Inc

Examinetics has a very efficient and organized process that allowed us to complete our audiograms for over eighty employees in one production day. When the exams were completed, we were given a binder with all the employees' testing results, along with a report showing which employees if any needed retested. Examinetics makes our annual audiogram Testing a very simplified process.

Lalisa Hurless

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist 

Insteel Wire Products

We have used Examinetics for several years now for our annual hearing testing at Insteel. The field technicians are very knowledgeable and courteous. The staff at the home office are also very helpful and prompt. I would definitely recommend using Examinetics at your next required hearing test onsite.

David Goins

HR/Safety Manager

Kamp Pallets

We highly recommend Examinetics and will continue to use them yearly for our plant's hearing tests. They are always on time, set up and ready to go. They are conscious of our time and get through the employees in a timely manner and provide feedback in the same day! Their staff is always very friendly and helpful.

Michelle Gleason

Office Manager

Altec Industries

I have had the pleasure of working with Examinetics over the past 3 years for annual audiograms and have been very happy with their services. Our account manager is very receptive to our scheduling needs and the technicians are always prompt, efficient and very friendly. We are happy to have Examinetics as a vendor and partner.

Britney Waldrop

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

Wallner Expac

We are very pleased to recommend Examinetics for your mobile audiogram needs. They are very professional, prompt and efficient in conducting the hearing tests for our employees. They are always flexible in working within our time constraints to ensure that our employees on all three shifts have an opportunity to be tested at a time convenient to them. Further, once a date and time have been established, they always call or send an email to follow up before the actual date of the tests to ensure that we haven’t missed anything beforehand. Report results are submitted to our on-site contact the same day.

Gloria McMullen

Human Resources Manager

Interstate Foam & Supply

We have used Examinetics for three years now. They are always prompt on getting the pre-information to you before the date of the hearing testing. The mobile unit operator always calls the day before to ensure location and timing. They call when they are close to the site, as well as upon arrival. The mobile unit and testing booths are always very clean. The technician conducts the tests promptly. A notebook with all the test results is put together for the facility at the end of the hearing sessions with all the details and any further actions that are needed to be taken with our employees. In summary, Examinetics is on-time, courteous, clean and organized!

Tammy Hensley

Human Resources Director