1. What is your role, and how does it contribute to the overall mission at Examinetics? 

My top priority as an Occupational Health Specialist is providing screening and testing that enables our clients to comply with specific regulations and mandates in a constantly changing world. By providing these valuable occupational services to employers, we help keep their employees safe and healthy in their work environments. I do this by building and maintaining close relationships with our clients to understand their needs and performing various types of occupational health testing including hearing tests, respirator fit tests and pulmonary function testing.

 2. How does your role contribute to the health and safety of America’s workforce? 

Our business affords our clients with an opportunity to monitor, modify and protect the environment their employees work in. The insights employers gain from testing enable them to understand how their environmental controls are working. After testing, our clients have a better sense of how to keep their workforce healthy, further productivity and ultimately improve their bottom line. In the end, my role may be a small part in contributing to an overall safer workplace for our clients, but it’s a mission I don’t take lightly. 

3. What's the most rewarding part of your job? 

What I find satisfying is knowing my efforts provide people with the opportunity to work in safe and healthy environment. Knowing my work contributes to a safer work environment for many employees is rewarding enough. 

4. What fun/crazy stories do you have from your experiences on the road?

There are many crazy stories to mention, but one that stands out was early on in my career with Examinetics. Just after the events of 9/11, I worked in Johnstown, PA performing hearing testing at a shooting range. Soon after the job there, I was flying out of Pittsburgh to Kansas City with some of the equipment I had used for the job.

In the process of the equipment being inspected for the flight, it was flagged for gun powder, which must have been transferred while working at the shooting range. I ended up in a room with TSA, Allegheny police and a suit with no name who all wanted to know what all this wired equipment with flammable materials over it was in my possession. 

I was asked the same questions repeatedly. I legitimately thought I was going to be arrested, however, they called our Kansas City office and got things straightened out. While it was scary at the time, it’s now a bit funny in retrospect. 

5. What are the challenges of living on the road? What are the perks? 

Being on the road poses many challenges. Some challenges are controllable and some completely uncontrollable, such as weather. Travel of course is challenging but it has its rewards, such as seeing this great country and experiencing all that it has to offer. 

This job has taken me all over this great country and I am only missing visiting five states including Alaska and Hawaii. I also enjoy knowing that my office is never in the same place. 


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