1. You have had a couple roles at Examinetics. Tell us a little about them and how they contribute to Examinetics’ overall mission.  

Since I’ve started at Examinetics, I’ve been a Health Services Coordinator, which has transitioned into Client Service Coordinator. As an HSC, I worked on our mobile multiphasic (MMP) platform where medical testing specialists provide health and compliance services on our moving clinics on wheels. My role was to help facilitate compliance tests and other services, such as blood work, physician exams and x-rays, and to ensure our clients understand all that Examinetics has to offer. 

Now, as a Client Service Coordinator, I partner with a larger set of our clients, identify their service needs and come up with a plan to help them out. A lot goes into this process to ensure smooth, professional delivery of services. For instance, the types of exposures, the number of employees being tested, and employees’ work shifts all affect how to schedule service. 

2. What are the key skills necessary for success in your role? How do your talents and skills allow you to be successful in your role? 

My professional background consists of medical and leadership experience. I came to Examinetics after being with a major hospital network, where I supervised a specialty practice. Managing an array of different disciplines in that role taught me flexibility, critical thinking and multitasking.

These skills have translated well into my current position here. Attention to detail is a key factor in being a successful Client Services Coordinator. Focused and organized, CSC’s must determine everything that needs to be on each mobile unit for each job, both equipment and personnel.  

3. What's the most rewarding part of your job? 

The teamwork here is unmatched. The staff I coordinate is truly a great group of people. Everyone brings something to the table. They complement each other’s strong suits and bond into impressive teams.  When a client calls me after a successful day of testing, I share that with our teams and it makes all the long days and countless hours of planning worth it. 

4. What advice would you offer to someone interested in becoming a CSC?  

The first thing to know about being a CSC, is that you are a member of a team. It’s like a puzzle or a machine; all the pieces have to fit together to make it work. When working on the CSC team and other departments, communication, strategic thinking and resourcefulness are vitally important. 

Building reliable and professional relationships with our clients is the key to the CSC team’s success. Availability, knowledge and, of course, friendliness all contribute to a successful business relationship, and makes the CSC team stronger. 

5. What have you learned during your time at Examinetics? 

As odd as this may sound, I’ve learned to learn. I was seasoned in my past professions, but I came into this business not knowing much about the occupational side of health.  I’ve learned to take in all that’s around me - from my teammates, our technicians in the field and our clients. I use those experiences to not only provide the quality service Examinetics is known for, but to also expand on that with outside the box thinking. Really soaking it all in and being productive with what I’ve learned is allowing the Client Services Coordinator team to provide more beneficial opportunities to our clients.  

My goal is to keep learning, and to keep growing, both personally and professionally with Examinetics. 


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