A core value Examinetics highly regards is being innovative. Our knowledge and thought leadership in the industry combined with a deep understanding of our customers’ needs leads to impactful innovations that improve our client’s safety program. Our mission as a team is to find creative solutions that work for our clients.


Each year we specially recognize the employees who embody our five core values - Professional, Integrity, Client Focus, Innovation and Teamwork. The winners of the 2020 Core Value Awards who represent Innovation are Regina Gilley, Kimberly Lapsley and Zeshan Raza. These winners for innovation have made a major impact to the services we offer that better serve the safety community


Innovation requires an understanding of the customer and an anticipation of their needs. It’s more than a great idea - it requires follow through. These winners are always pushing to a better future with forethought, creativity and practicality.


Kim Lapsley described her role with us, “We are always finding ways to utilize our programs to enhance the client experience. We turn ideas into effective solutions.”