Did you know that in 2011, fires and/or explosions caused 3% of workplace deaths? Unfortunately, fire not only destroys work properties and business interests; it takes lives as well. As such, it is vital to ensure your workspace remain fireproof and safe.

Here are three protective steps to reduce fire risks on your job site:

1.       Take fire precautions


In order to avoid fires, you need to routinely check the workplace for any potential fire hazards. Fire hazards come in a myriad of forms including waste and combustible material, dust build-up, overloading power sockets, defective electrical equipment, flammable liquids or vapors. Take protective steps by cleaning waste and piles of dust. Ensure flammable liquids are securely stored in an appropriate location. Overloaded electrical systems? Fix the problem. By communicating fire precaution and stressing a clean, protected work environment, you're taking an imperative step to protect your work site. 

2.       Know emergency procedures

Let’s say a fire breaks out on the work floor. What’s the plan? How are you going to guarantee your employees’ safety? To prevent fatalities or injuries, it is vital to initiate an evacuation plan. At all times, fire exits and evacuation routes must be cleared of any obstacles. Fire alarm systems or smoke detectors are necessary on the work floor. For industries working with flammable or explosive material, an emergency action plan is a must.

3.       Protection for employees with firefighting responsibilities.

When developing a fire safety response plan, you must work within the local, state, and/or federal regulations. Creating a plan involves ongoing research and education. Part of the plan is deciding between total evacuation or assigning firefighting duties to particular employees. If you choose the latter, there must be specific rules to fulfill. For instance, the designated firefighters will need the proper equipment—protective gears, breathing masks, access to water—in attainable locations on the work floor.


Ensuring your employees have a safe environment require work up front, but the saving related to time and productivity are worth your investment. At Examinetics, we want to encourage you to save money, save time, and stay safe by taking protective action to keep your workforce healthy and safe. 

This is business-to-business information intended for EHS (environmental health and safety) professionals and not intended for the final consumer. Companies should check the local regulatory status of any claim according to their individual needs, requirements and intended use.