1. What is your role, and how does it contribute to the overall mission at Examinetics? 

As Senior Training Specialist, I have the privilege of leading all of our training initiatives and development of our people. I get to be a part of all things training from facilitating in-person training classes to developing our online courses. This role also allows me to collaborate with different departments in the organization. I value getting to combine their expertise with my knowledge of adult learning and creating something that helps our employees become more successful in their roles. The Training Department focuses on people and how we can help the people of Examinetics be successful in delivering the services that keep our clients safe and healthy.

 2. What are the key skills necessary for your success in your role?

This role relies heavily on flexibility. The Training team must always be ready for the unexpected and to provide whatever the organization needs. When working with people, flexibility is a must. 

We work with our classes and collaborators to make sure everyone has what they need, at their pace and in a way that they understand it best. Everyone learns differently, so we practice resourcefulness in discovering how people learn and find a way to speak that language. 

A large part of this role is creating training materials for class room presentations and online courses. While there are lots of technical skills that go into creating these trainings, the one I value the most is creativity. The goal is to make a training course visually appealing, interactive and interesting so it can hold a learner’s attention while conveying the information they need to be successful. 

3. What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of this job is having the opportunity to help a new employee as they take their first steps in their journey at Examinetics. 

One of the primary responsibilities of the training department is to lead the new hire training program for our technicians. New employees take part in an intensive four-week training program that is packed with interactive training opportunities to best prepare them for their role. They get lots of hands-on experience working with our equipment, software and mobile units.

The first day of a new hire training class is filled with an excited but anxious buzz. It’s contagious to see how excited they are for this new career path. This excitement grows when they start to learn some new skills and you can see the understanding “click”. As a trainer, it’s so gratifying to see them learn and feel comfortable in their new skills. They’ve transitioned from an anxious excitement to pure excitement and are now prepared for their new path. 

4. What projects are you working on currently?

Lately, the Training Department has been busier than ever with new projects to better support the organization. We have been collaborating with Operations to create new & improved training programs for various cross-sections of our field staff. Additionally, we are developing training for a new software that will be sent to our field employees soon. 

As an ongoing project, the training department is focused on building more content for our online learning and development resource, Examinetics University. Not only is this a place for refresher training for our team, but we are building out our training resources for our clients and the wider safety industry. 

5. Considering your role and different experiences with your career, please share a personal health and safety tip that may be relevant for our clients. 

My health and safety tip comes from prior experience as a personal trainer, joined with my current experience as a classroom trainer. I believe it’s vitally important to remember to find time to move and stretch throughout the day, particularly if you are in a sedentary role.

Every afternoon during a training class, I encourage our new hires to stand up, stretch and shake it out. They move around, get their blood pumping again and feel a little silly shaking their arms and legs. It’s a small activity, but it makes a huge difference in the mood of the room and the productivity of the rest of the afternoon. 


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