We now offer the most flexible way to conduct hearing testing.

Our on-demand audiometer can replace mobile unit testing, which may be too expensive or not available on your scheduling timeline. It eliminates the need to send employees to clinics and all the headaches and lost productivity that comes with employees leaving your facility.

This option is ideal for clients who:

  • Have only a smaller number of employees who need to be tested
  • Are located in remote areas that have a hard time getting routed for a mobile unit
  • Perform in-house testing today and want a better option for testing and data management with a more modern audiometer

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Salux Demonstration

Watch a demo of the Salux set-up and testing process


You still have the option of having a mobile unit come on site with a technician to administer all your testing the way we do it today. It’s completely up to you. This technology just gives you a choice. And you can even switch back and forth from onsite with a technician to on-demand year after year if your needs change.
We anticipate the set-up time for your proctor (safety manager, occupational nurse, or other administrator) should take 15-20 minutes each morning you test. Employee testing should take 18-22 minutes for training, testing and notification of results.
In our internal testing, the battery for the tablet and audiometer both lasted 8 hours of all-day testing
Salux does require an internet connection for searching for employees and upload of test results. You can use a wi-fi hot spot or USB wi-fi stick to give the tablet a network to connect to with internet access.
Testing with Salux can be done in 12 languages: English, Spanish, French, French Creole, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog (Filipino), Hmong, Swahili, Burmese, and Somali. At this time, the notification document is the only screen not in all languages, but the explanation is given in the chosen translation so the participant can understand the image of their graphed results.
The subscription model is one device per facility. There may be some exceptions made in instances where today we test in centralized locations and know that multiple facilities are tested in that one location. In those scenarios, you can talk to your sales manager about different allowances.
We will have a support team on standby for any set up, general support or technical support. That team are also the tele-technicians. You can reach them by a dedicated 800 number or email from 7:00AM-7:00PM central time. Additionally, you still have access to our team of audiologists and data specialists.
We are exploring that option for a second release. We won’t have that initially available but are looking to have that feature quickly in version 2. A custom video or slides will require some additional fees for development time.
What you can do is subscribe to a weekly rental to try it out for an entire week at a discount to an annual subscription - and there’s no set up fee. If you like it after the week and you want to subscribe, we can apply a portion of the weekly model’s cost towards your annual subscription. At this time, with the high level of demand that we are experiencing along with continued constrained global supply chains, we just don’t have enough inventory for free trials.