We now offer the most flexible way to conduct hearing testing.

Salux On-Demand provides a convient way to provide hearing testing with an intitiuve system and the backing of a hearing conservation company. 

Unique offerings with Salux On-Demand include:

  • Access to in-house audiologists for data review
  • Dedicated customer service team available to troubleshoot or answer any questions.
  • Option for testing in participant language with a simple selection at the beginning of testing. 
  • Text-to-speech test results notification.
  • Option for participants to email or text themselves results instantly and seamless transmission of data.

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We anticipate the set-up time should take 15-20 minutes each morning you test. Testing should take 18-22 minutes for training, testing and notification of results.
In our internal testing, the battery for the tablet and audiometer both lasted 8 hours of all-day testing
Salux does require an internet connection. You can use a wi-fi hot spot or USB wi-fi stick to give the tablet a network to connect to with internet access.
Testing with Salux can be done in 12 languages: English, Spanish, French, French Creole, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog (Filipino), Hmong, Swahili, Burmese, and Somali. At this time, the notification document is the only screen not in all languages, but the explanation is given in the chosen translation so the participant can understand the image of their graphed results.
There is a full training video included in the testing process for those that want it. You have the option to not include training if it is not needed.
We will have a support team on standby for any set up, general support or technical support. That team are also the tele-technicians. You can reach them by a dedicated 800 number or email from 7:00AM-7:00PM central time. Additionally, you still have access to our team of audiologists and data specialists.