Data Management

Turning disparate points of data into information is the hallmark of high-quality data analysis

Examinetics’ cloud-based XM Solution Systems provides an environment that transforms your data into usable reports and analytics. Examinetics’ nationwide presence and streamlined data management capability allows you to easily see trends and access reports that will help you identify risks and support your successes. Disjoined or siloed information is now consolidated and organized.

  • Employee test histories and trends

  • Departmental facility-specific summaries

  • Easy view and analysis of reportable shift reports

  • HIPAA-compliant data management

  • Secure

Ultimately, you get the control that comes with consolidation and access to all of your compliance-related tests and results. Examinetics’ XM Solution gives you the power to manage and view your data by departments or facility, essentially elevating your ability to articulate your wins and pinpoint areas of concern to your executive team, which is now easier than ever.

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